Hunting and Fishing

Fishing is the exercise of catching a fish. Fishes can be caught in sea or in fresh waters, commonly they are hunted for in the wild. Through the time many techniques are being used to catch fishes, these includes

  • Hand Gathering
  • Spearing
  • Netting
  • Angling
  • Trapping
  • etc


Fishing is not just catching of fishes but it may include catching for other aquatic animals. But not all aquatic animal catching is called fishing , for example the catching of whales is called Whaling. Some time farm fishing is also used for catching cultivated fishes. Other than providing food today fishing is a recreation.

The places where you can go fishing are :

  • Wildmoor Waters, near Cirencester
  • Rookery Meadow for Carp. Vale of Evesham
  • Dingle Fishery, near Birmingham & Coventry
  • Woodlands Fishery, Lincolnshire
  • Bury Hill Fisheries, Dorking, Surrey
  • Ravenfield Ponds - Coarse Fishing in Rotherham, S. Yorkshire
  • Lake John Fishery , Waltham Abbey
  • Woodlands Fishery, Lincolnshire
  • Bullock Farm Fisheries, Somerset
  • Retallack Waters Coarse Fishery, Cornwall
  • Acorn Carp Fishery, near Bristol
  • Four Ponds Fishery, Shillingford, Devon